Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Inconvenient Truth

Al gore message was clear and well explored....Its time to reconcile our friendship to mother earth. Nature is in great danger, we managed to ruin in a couple of centuries what our evolution have created for millions of years.
This wasn't planned to go this way......
This should be a wake up call to everybody, from Governments to the poorest people which will be the primacy receivers of that negative utopia that is settling soon on mother earth.
In 50 years for example, one of the biggest iceberg on earth will be melted completely Nada!! nothing left......This source of of nature that was our primary reflector of energy and warmness back to outer space will vanish, leaving the ocean which is over 80% weaker in doing the same job as that iceberg.
In return the ocean will be warmer effecting the vicious circle that will deteriorate sea creatures and in return effecting every ecosystem on earth.

Inconvenient truth perhaps but mostly and hurtful one in my opinion